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Scoria Skin Care

Scoria Full Body Volcanic Mineral Moisturizer

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Scoria Lotion is the greatest problem-solving lotion on Planet Earth!

Scoria Lotion Is Ideal For The Active Man!

Scoria Lotion is the greatest problem-solving lotion on
Planet Earth!


"My Scoria Lotion will visibly transform your skin to
be healthier, smoother and more hydrated in a mater of days! Guaranteed!

I’ve spent 20 years perfecting my amazing Scoria Lotion. Thousands
of aestheticians and skin care professionals have recommended Scoria
Lotion.  It’s been used in 1,000’s of
hospitals including burn units, cancer centers and operating rooms.

I’ve worked with experts in the US, France, South Korea,
Australia and Japan to help perfect my lotion. My team of doctors, researchers,
chemist, advisers and formulators are second to none.

My secret manufacturing process enables me to harness the
power of certain naturally occurring nutrients which are the driving force behind
healthy skin. It works for men, women and children.

Let Scoria Lotion tackle the appearance of your worst skin
care concern and you will be thrilled with the results…or your money back! I’ve
done all the work, now all you have to do is smooth Cocoon Lotion on your skin
and watch the metamorphoses." 

Ron Cummings,

Founder, CEO AminoGenesis Skin Care Products

If you have any of these problems Scoria Lotion can help the
appearance of:

Dry, flaky skin

Itchy rashes and irritations

Dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea

Dry patches on elbows, knees, hands or feet

Injuries, cuts, or scars

Sores, bites or allergic reactions

Razor bumps, cuts or scrapes

Soothe sun burn, wind burn and chapped skin

Surgical scars, stretch marks and other discolorations

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