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Volcanic Mineral Clenaser:

It all starts right here!  Dirt, sweat, and grime are a part of your day.  You need a facial cleanser that cuts through it all.
Scoria's combination of volcanic minerals, branched chain amino acids and plant extracts lather up big, clean deep, remove toxins and leave your skin feeling fantastic!
In addition, excess skin oils are absorbed helping to control break outs and other irritations. Getting your skin super clean is the first step to ideal skin health. With high performance volcanic minerals and amino acids no cleanser can do it better!

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Reset Toner:

Vigorous activity depletes the skin's natural chemistry. In addition, your skin is assaulted constantly by the sun, wind weather and pollution.
Scoria's Volcanic Mineral Facial Reset and Toner is exactly what your skin needs to stay healthy and look great!

This amazing treatment applies clear, balances the skin's pH, calms inflammations, and replaces depleted essential nutrients.
Packed with calming volcanic minerals, restoring branched chain amino acids and herbal anti-inflammatories, your skin will feel rejuvenated instantly!

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Moisturizing Cream

To have healthy, flawless, perfect skin you must nourish it properly. As the man on the go you want a no non-sense nutrient packed skincare treatment you can depend on!

Scoria's Volcanic Mineral Moisturizing Cream provides the most complete combination of nourishing minerals and nutrients available anywhere.

As an athletic male you demand the highest level of performance in any product you use. 

With Scoria you can expect superior hydration and rich protein building nutrients without that greasy, smothered feeling.


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Scoria Shower Soap

When it's time to hit the shower you want to get ready and clean fast!
Like the rest of the Scoria's products the Volcanic Mineral Body Bar Soap is no non-sense.
It lathers up quickly, cleans deeply and rinses off completely.
French milled so a single bar lasts for dozens of showers.
The all natural derived volcanic minerals clean deep, absorb toxins, calm rashes and help injuries heal.
When you step out of the shower you feel clean refreshed and ready for whatever is next!

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  • In The Sun Everyday

    "Between mulitple rounds of golf and sets of tennis each week I need a skin care routine that can truly refresh and replenish my skin. The BCCA's in Scoria are genius and the volcanic minerals make my skin glow. I love that Scoria is made for us active ladies."

    Wendy M. Palm Springs CA

  • I Run...A Lot!

    "I've been a competitive runner for most of my adult life. I love to run but the hours in the sun do take a toll on my skin. When I'm done running my skin feels as thirsty as my body does! Scoria rejuvenates my skin in minutes and brings it back to life after a long hard race! Thank you Scoria!"

    Hilda H. Palm Springs, Ca

  • Naturally Oily Skin

    "Scoria is the only product I have used that cuts right
    through the oils and leaves my skin fresh. I can use it every day without
    worrying about breakouts. It's great!"

    Brenda J. Tampa Fl

  • Just What I wished For

    “I Have always wondered why no one ever came out with a skin care product that addresses the special needs of athletic women. We get just as
    sweaty and dirty in our active sports as men do and the current choices out there just don’t cut it! Scoria it perfect and I will use it forever!”

    Lexie M.

  • Mother And Daughter Agree

     "This is the first time my daughter and I have been able to use the same skin care products. Scoria is amazing because it works just as well for older more mature skin as its does for my daughter’s skin. As a golfing family it’s perfect! Thank you, Scoria, for making our lives simpler!"

    Bev and Cyndi R. Charlotte, NC

  • My Protein Suit!

    "As an exercise physiologist and licensed nutritionist I have long known the amazing benefits BCAA’s have for the body. Of course BCAA’s have the same amazing benefits for the skin. When I read about Scoria I knew it
    was the perfect skin care regime for me. I work too hard not to have my skin looking as good as possible. Since starting Scoria my skin is nearly perfect in

    Kamie L. Baton Rouge, LA

  • Gets Rid Of The Yuck Factor

    "My skin really feels yucky after a hard gym workout. The last thing I want to do is put on a greasy feeling moisturizer. Scoria really appealed to me because it addresses the needs of someone like me who is in the gym a lot and showers a lot. Scoria makes by skin look and feel amazing!"

    Jannie P. St Petersburg FL

  • Calms My Skin

    "I teach several hot yoga classes per day. The heat really brings out all the oils and sweat. My skin feels very depleted by the end of the day. Scoria rebalances and restores my skin’s chemistry. I feel like it’s a
    mini spa treatment every time I use it! I am so glad I found Scoria."

    Kara B. Salem, OR

  • Open Ocean Swimmer

    "I am an open ocean competitive swimmer. The seawater, sun,
    extreme temps and wind can really take it’s toll of my skin. Scoria totally
    takes care of my skin. I feel like it totally replaces all the skin nutrients I
    loose when I swim and keeps my skin looking fresh and youthful. I love Scoria
    as its perfect for my lifestyle!"

    Amy S. Kona Hi

  • Lots Of Outdoor Hours

    "I ride hundreds of miles per week. That’s a lot of hours in the sun, wind and sometimes harsh conditions. My skin was starting to look weathered, and it really bothered me. I found Scoria at a fitness show and when I read the story and the ingredients it really appealed to me. I have been using ever since and my skin looks soooo much better!”

    Belinda M. Phoeniz, AZ

  • Extreme Athlete

    “I do extreme sports and it really takes a stool of my skin.
    It gets dry, irritated and sometimes injured. Scoria get my skin back to normal
    every time. It’s non-greasy, absorbs fast…all in all it’s the perfect choice
    for me!”

    Kay B. Missoula Mt

  • Senior Body Builder

    “Being an older body builder I need all the tricks and advantages
    I can muster up! The fact that Scoria is loaded with BCAA’s was the true
    selling point. No other products I have seen have them! Plus the volcanic cleanser cuts right through the sweat and grime after a workout. I think my skin looks fabulous thanks to Scoria.”

     Rhonda H. Venice Ca

  • Stops Shiny Look

    "As a swim suit model the days can be long and hot. I hate it when my skin begins to sweat and my face gets shiny. I have to re-do my make-up several time a day. When I use Scoria this never happens. My skin looks fresh all day and it does not sweat through my make-up..It's perfect!"

    Tanya J. Miami Fl

  • Once and Athlete Always An Athlete

     “I may have graduated from tennis to pickleball, but I am not less of a competitor. I believe if I nourish my body and skin I can look
    and feel great for years to come. Scoria provides a whole new way for someone like me to take care of their skin. I love it! . Thanks for thinking of us Scoria!”

    Betty C. Bradbury Ca

  • Middle Age Skin Problems

     “I have had nice skin my whole life, then all of the sudden my skin began to have all kinds of troubles. I broke out a lot and got rashes. Everything I tried seemed to make it worse. Then I found Scoria. I think my skin looks better than ever!”

    Wendi G. Phoenix Az.

  • Rocky Mountain High

     “My true passion is long hikes at high altitudes. The way I feel after a hike is amazing. However the elements can really dry out my skin.
    Scoria has this amazing ability to restore my skin to a more youthful look every time I use it. It is ideal for my lifestyle. Thank you Scoria!’"

    Jane V. Boulder Co.

Spotlight On Carrie

I have a true passion for training hard to comepete in all kinds of obatcle races. As you can imagine my skin is a mess after a weekend of intense sun, sweating and rolling in the dirt. My skin was taking a beating. Then a friend told eme about Scoria! My first reaction was, IT'S ABOUT TIME! From the first instant I tried Scoria I knew it was something special. My skin now recovers quickly and looks better than ever. When I travel, it's my shorts, my shirts and Scoria first in the bag!

Carrie K. Anahiem Ca.

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