Our commitment to ensuring accessibility for everyone.

We believe everyone should have access to enjoy information, content and the products they want. As such we have an ongoing action plan to make sure our website is always available to you. Here are the steps we take to ensure accessibility for any and all content that may be added to this site.

  • All text will be in the correct format that is easily readable by various NVDA type software.

  • All photos, graphs or images will have descriptive Alternative Text.

  • Our videos have options for closed captions, transcripts of the audio content and audio descriptions of video content.

  • We have configured our website in a logical and meaningful way for ease of navigation.

  • We have made sure our text color has distinct contrast from the background for ease of reading.

  • The text and other elements, links etc can be magnified up to 400% without loss of resolution.

  • Our website can be successfully navigated by using the keyboard only.

  • Our browser titles and product page titles let you know where you are on the website.

  • We strive to make links easily understood and where the link will take you.

  • All content of any kind will be checked thoroughly before made live.

  • We have staff that have been trained to spot and remedy any issues that may inhibit the use of this website. 

  • Input fields are clearly marked and readable to ensure a smooth checkout process.

Lastly, we kindly ask for your input! As we all know technology is complex and can sometimes fail. Should you notice any irregularities that are blocking you from enjoying any aspect of this website, please let us know.